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The new bankruptcy law has dramatically changed bankruptcy adding many requirements and restrictions.

As the lead attorney for a California bankruptcy law firm, Geva Baumer has represented hundreds of bankruptcy clients needing a fresh financial start. Most of the bankruptcy cases were filed under Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 of the new bankruptcy law.

Geva Baumer is devoted to provide the best legal representation in consumer bankruptcy matters, including consultations, settlements, work-offs, trials, trustee hearings, "341(a) hearings", stays, relief from stays, lien avoidance, lien stripping, and adversary proceedings. Geva Baumer has also successfully litigated real estate and consumer protection cases.

It could be that your financial difficulties may be resolved without bankruptcy filing, via debt negotiations, or consumer protection remedies. As an experienced California attorney, Geva Baumer is committed to fully understand your situation and needs, and to provide personal attention and excellent legal representation.


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